Full Throttle Saloon

Full Throttle Saloon’s Vending Services

Thanks for visiting the main website for Full Throttle Saloon’s Vending Services.  We rent space for vendors to sell their goods and services, practically right next to the Full Throttle Saloon itself.

This is for the next Stugis Motocycle Rally this year 2017.  We also have Sponsorship Opportunities using banners and other forms of advertising.

Please call or email Gary, the Vending Coordinator for this event.

Call 843-267-0233 or Email FTSVending@gmail.com 

Download The Contract / Application

Print it, fill it out and fax, email or regular mail it back to us.


The New Vendor Village

You can select a space you’d like and let us know, or we can pick one for you.  It lists the prices for spot rental.  Regular spots are 10′ x 20′ and $1,000.  Premium spots are along the front edge next to the asphalt parking, next to the Full Throttle Saloon itself.  Premium rental is $2,000 per spot.

Trailer space is available in the upper lot (20′ x 80′) for $4,000.  Semi Trailer space is available, inquire about pricing.  You need to specify size and picture is required.

*Food vendors must pay rent and 15% of gross sales.

The building is available for $12,000.  It includes hot and cold running water, two bathrooms and electric.  We anticipate this being used for Tattooing, but we’re open to ideas.

 Click for a larger map.


 Camping Spots

While we at FTS Vending manage the Vending Spots, if you’d like to camp there during the event, contact the Pappy Hoel Campground office to make a reservation.  They have cabins, RV space rental, tent areas, etc.

Phone (605) 499-8170
Email pappyhoelcampground@mightyloud.com